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Allie Gardner


BIO: Allie Gardner is a songwriter, recording artist, actress and performer with no shortage of personality and enthusiasm. She brings a contagious, vibrant energy into every performance that she gives.

Allie has an uncanny ability to sing from the heart and channels personal experience into every song. She excels in her ability to sing unusually high pitches, harmonize with any song, and improvise. Allie has a gift for quick learning, especially in the aspect of music. She has an excellent memory and can learn entirely unfamiliar songs in a very short period of time. Blessed with a great sense of hearing, Allie has near perfect pitch and can imitate voices and accents with little practice. Most of all, she believes every performance is an opportunity to share her light and the meaning of the message through song. Her positive energy, sense of humor, and heart make every performance unforgettable.




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