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BIO: Full Name: Keyoumu Keheerman Stage Name: Kerman

Name in Simplified Mandarin: 克尔曼

Kerman is a highly- accomplished musician. He writes, composes, sings and plays a variety of Uyghur instruments as well as his specialty—guitar. In fact, he is considered one of the top guitarists in all of China. He plays a variety of styles including Flamenco, Traditional Uyghur, Rock and Roll, and many others. If it involves guitar, Kerman can play it.

Early in his career, Kerman established the first rock and roll band in Xin Jiang, China. The band was called “The Puppets.” Later in his career, Kerman moved to Beijing to expand his career. There he worked his way up to become a well-known and loved music star. Kerman loves to combine traditional Uyghur instruments (and their thousands of years of music traditions) with Western-music styles. The result is a unique sound that inspired officials from the USA and China’s top-ranking government official in charge of cultural relations to give him the title “International Cultural Ambassador” for China and the USA.

Kerman is regularly featured on CCTV and many other national and international performance stages and venues. In January, 2017, one of Kerman’s songs was submitted for a Grammy.

Highlights of Kerman in Simplified Mandarin (Chinese)


 中国首席弗拉门戈吉他演奏家

 国际著名吉他品牌“Cordoba”

 中国区形象代言人

 2013年度中美“国际文化大使”

 维吾尔族著名歌手、民族艺术家

 著名音乐制作人

 吉他中国顾问




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