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Semi-Annual Audition

Amber Bodon - Thursday, February 09, 2017

What to bring:   Headshot and resume (all genres) if you do not have professional shots YOU MUST have an up to date picture with your resume stapled to the back. If you have questions regarding this you may call/text/email our Talent Manager:

Ali Clark 801-309-1193

We understand that there will be some of you that have never done this and we have given a few references for your preparation, if you do not have professional headshots you may call/text/email our photographer before your audition, this doesn’t give you an in to the agency, but it will maintain a level of professionalism with your judging panel.

Alexander 801-989-7440


Models:  comp card, 4 x 6 profile (front and side, with no makeup) photos, heels to walk runway, please wear all black form fitting clothing.  If you are coming for fitness women: need to be in sports bras, spandex shorts or yoga pants.  Men: athletic shorts and form fitting shirt.   High fashion, remember this is an audition you will do across the floors, runway walk.   Lifestyle please choose a commercial look and be prepared to show your photo movement. 

Actors:   if you are between the age of 5-9 please refer to  to study and prepare your script.  Ages 10 and up will be provided a two person script at the audition.  You will have time to prepare and study before you are auditioned.

Singers:    you will need to prepare at least 16 bars but be prepared with a full song of your choice. Please bring your accompaniment on your phone or ipod, unless you can bring the instrument you play with you, you’re welcome to do so. 

TRY and showcase your voice to the best of your ability in the short time that you will have…

Dancers:  WE ARE SO EXCITED to be opening this department up, we are partnering with Millenium Dance studio in order to help you progress in your genre, we will be in connection with Salt lake city Millenium  as well as Los Angeles Dance studios.  We will be pushing you guys in that direction as most of you know L.A.  is the hub of most auditions.  Please be prepared with hip hop, heels and ballroom shoes.   Dress accordingly.  You will be learning a 32 count audition piece and running it in groups.  The genres we will be auditioning for are:  Hip Hop, Contemporary and heels.  We will also be looking for parkour and stunt work.

What to expect:  At check-in you will need to sign in and get your number, once you have checked in and received your packet with all your information you can find a seat until you are called in.  This audition will be run just like an LA audition everyone there will be judged on the exact same criteria.  This is very competitive as we are prepared to send you out for auditions both here in Utah and Los Angeles. 

How to prepare:         This will be a long day for everyone, if you are auditioning for more than one thing we suggest you bring water, snacks and possibly a meal, you will need to keep your energy at a high level.  We encourage you to audition for more than one genre, the more you can do the better chance you have of getting into the agency, as you know the more marketable you are the better it is for your business. 

Here are a few references we would like each of you to take the time and read, we have found these tips have been helpful for a lot of working people in the industry.  We hope these will answer a lot of your questions.  We know this may be intimidating, most of you have probably never done anything like this.  Stars has been evolving over the last few months and this is the new direction we are headed, we want each and every one of you that is ready to take your career serious and to the next level to join us!!

References:  “How to eat & act at the same time” Author: Tom Logan

“Acting across America” Author: Catrine McGregor