J.R. Cox

J.R. Cox began studying theater acting in high school before pursuing a four-year degree in film acting and directing from Montana State University. After graduating with high honors and starring in many more theater and film productions he moved to Los Angeles where he pursued more directing experience and worked in numerous roles behind the camera. He produced and directed a number of his own award-winning short films gaining valuable insight that he applies now to his acting. During this time he began to work as a voice over artist as well, learning the specifics of that style as well as industry standards.

In 2016 he returned his efforts to acting and voice over full time in Salt Lake City. He signed with Stars Talent Studio in December of 2016 and has found it a very rewarding relationship. Amber's infectious enthusiasm makes it easier to approach each audition with confidence, and her industry contacts ensure her talent have the best opportunities.

In 2017 J.R. began to share his years of knowledge and professional experience as a voice over coach for the STS Conservatory.