Liz McCaffrey

Hi there, I'm Liz McCaffrey, a FILM & TV acting coach for kids and teens in the Park City and surrounding area but I occasionally sub at Stars in Sandy. I got involved in this industry because of my daughters passion and relentless commitment to be a professional actor. However, I didn't pursue this avenue until I felt safe to bring my kids into this industry. When I discovered Stars (Amber Evans), an agency, that is "devoted to developing healthy role models in the media" I finally felt we were in the right place.

-I have personally worked with Amber Evans-owner and agent of Stars Talent Studio, in the bookings department, who has over 25 years worth of experience and knows what the casting directors are looking for.
-I have taken the Producers Workshop by Warren Workman (UFA)
-I have worked on several short films -I have worked on over 100 demo reels
-I have taken and trained with many acting coaches and personally with Amber, the owner/agent of Stars

MY GOAL is to help others understand this crazy, exciting, imperfect industry and to have a positive experience on their journey. I am thrilled to specialize in coaching kids and teens in acting in fun and creative way they can relate to. I love their energy and enjoy seeing them develop as people and actors.

We currently meet 6-8pm on Mondays but we are working on adding more classes. Location may vary due to where we film.

Call/text me if you have an interest so we can see if this is the right fit for you or if you need a link to the class schedule.

STS Acting Coach-Liz McCaffrey